Uhren von Audemars bis Zenith
Eric Menchon
Köln 2017 | Salz & Pfeffer Magazin | Eric Menchon **Koch im Le Moissonnier
Bike Messenger
Köln 2017 | Leatherman | Tillmann | Fahrradkurier für Bike Syndikat
Automatisierte 360° Fotobox für Uhren
Michael Brückner
Köln 2016 | CXT Magazin | Wirtschaftsjournalist
Kuhn Maßkonfektion
Stills FS 2018
Mephisto Shoes F/S 2018
Martin Kasch
Köln 2016 | Literaturbüro Ruhr | Förderpreisträger Martin Kasch | Autor
Dedicated x K´lekt
Kollaboration mit Dedicated Streetwear und K´lekt | World's Leading Sneaker Marketplace
Hold On
Random Business Portraits
Manon VanWees
2017 | Model
Bejing to Shanghai
Thailand to Indonesia
Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia with a population of roughly 1.5 million inhabitants. Located on the southeastern edge of Europe, Tbilisi's proximity to lucrative east-west trade routes often made the city a point of contention between various rival empires throughout history and the city's location to this day ensures its position as an important transit route for global energy and trade projects. Tbilisi's varied history is reflected in its architecture, which is a mix of medieval, classical, and Soviet structures. Historically, Tbilisi has been home to people of diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, though it is overwhelmingly Eastern Orthodox Christian
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