VaiP Portraits
Get ready to meet the public figures who are shaping our world. Experience the captivating world of public figures like never before with my latest photographic portrait series, created with the help of AI technology. From politicians to musicians to athletes and more, each portrait captures the unique essence and personality of its subject, all with stunning realism and detail. Join me on this journey presenting the power and diversity of public figures at the intersection of art and technology.
All In
Portrait series featuring miners, whose work is crucial to our society but also contributes to climate change. These portraits aim to raise awareness about the impact of fossil fuel extraction on our environment and highlight the need for a shift towards sustainable energy sources. While these miners continue to work hard to provide for their families, we must also work towards a future that prioritizes both economic progress and environmental protection.
Beekeeper Agnes Imhof
Meet Agnes Imhof, a 72-year-old beekeeper with a passion for protecting our planet's precious pollinators. Agnes has been keeping bees for over 20 years and is dedicated to promoting sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices. Her love for nature and the environment drives her work, and she believes that we all have a role to play in protecting the earth and its inhabitants. Follow along as Agnes takes us on a journey through the fascinating world of beekeeping and shows us how these tiny insects play a vital role in our ecosystem.
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